Do you want to help rewild the city?

Make your garden more sustainable or your street a wildlife haven and, in the process, rewild the city.

Are you missing the insects and birds in your garden? Do you buy plants from nurseries only to see them perish? Shocked by just how many chemicals you use on your lawn? Had enough of throwing away single-use, non-recyclable pots? Do you, ineffect, pour water on to bare soil all summer?

There is a different way.

If you work with me, we’ll turn your lawn into a wild flower meadow, we’ll aim for zero-waste, we’ll nurture your soil so it needs little or no watering, we’ll forage plants from friends and neighbours (having asked permission) or grow them from seed or cuttings and you’ll enjoy your garden buzzing with insects and wildlife.

See some of my current projects here.

I can

  • give you a plan to rethink the way you manage your garden and work with you to deliver it,
  • plot a route to turn your lawn into a meadow to encourage wildlife and wildflowers,
  • create a plan with your neighbours and you to turn the tree pits in your street into guerilla gardens that are a haven for pollinators and
  • advise your community how to develop a public space so that it is both welcoming to people and wildlife.

Contact me

for my fees by emailing me at

What neighbours and friends say

“Blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah

Amanda Baillieu, client

Private gardens

“John Welsh has acquired a reputation, locally, as a genius with green fingers. Everything he touches turns into a magical space.

Céline La Frenière, Friends of Talacre Town Green


“The guerrilla gardens in the tree pits have transformed our street.

Its not just visually, but socially, too. ” 

“They are a daily revelation.”

Jane Mays, neighbour

Tree pits

Let’s REwild the city together.